Love Came Down #4
December 29, 2019

Love Came Down #4

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This week Pastor Don welcomed two guest speakers who shared testimonies that demonstrate how God led them to NTC Plattsburgh during the past year. 
Listen as Bruce humorously explains how he came to NTC Plattsburgh with the intention of not getting involved with church matters; however, the Lord had other plans. Not only did Bruce become the Project Manager for the renovation of our new Worship Space, but he was also laid off during the process, which allowed him to become fully dedicated to the building project. Coincidence? We think not! 
Join Rich as he shares a vulnerable and emotional testimony that chronicles his journey of transformation from self-hatred and shame to genuine love. Listen as Rich shares how his perception of God changed FROM Religion: I made a mistake. I am going to hell.”  TO Sonship: I made a mistake. I need to talk to my Dad”. During this heart-felt testament, Rich reveals how the birth of his children changed his life from one of hiding behind a mask to one of authenticity, acceptance, and love.